Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Few Hot Guys (Images)

Had a hard day at work? need something to relax? How about a backrub? Body massage? Or even just eye candy to let your eyes wonder and help you relax not to mention excite and stimulate your mind? It's hard to come by a few good images of men in underwear so I just wanted to share these images of men wearing hot underwear lol. I thought you guys would admire them as well. What do you guys think? Are they hot or what?

We don't seem to have a favorite image of these three, we love 'em all. But we do love the model wearing the Ginch Gonch red waistband undies! They really look good on him huh? All the models look hot so we don't really think it matters who's wearing them, as long as the models ARE wearing them.

The holidays are coming up guys remember it's time to shop around and get those pair of underwear you or your partner want. So take advantage of all the sales going on. It's pretty hot when you see your guy underneath the Christmas tree wrapped as a present with ribbons around his body and teasing you by wearing those pair of underwear you always wanted.... on him.

( These images belong to their rightful owner. If an image belongs to you and you would like the image removed please contact us. In no way are we claiming any of the images belong to us.)

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